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Today marks the end of our project – our online shop is now closed and our exhibition has come to an end. We would like to thank everyone who has supported Spot The Tiger over the last year or so – especially all 52 guest artists – all contributors and helpers.

If you would like to be on our mailing list for future projects or you have any comments or questions about Spot The Tiger we can still be contacted at

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We thought we’d let everyone get a closer look at all the artwork featured on Spot The Tiger over the last year. From next Monday we’re moving into Dreamspace Gallery for 2 weeks – if you’re out and about in the city pop in and check us out.
Big thanks to Ciara Phelan for designing the poster and helping out with the show!

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Our online shop is now open (for a limited time only from 21st June – 18th July) you will be able to buy prints of your favourite illustrations!

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52 weeks

Spot The Tiger has been a whole lot of fun – over the last 12 months we have worked with a coalition of 52 emerging and established graphic artists from all around the world – together they have produced an amazing body of work that responds to some of the biggest social issues of our time
On Monday – in response to lots of queries weve had about the artwork on the site – we will be opening an online store where you will have the opportunity to buy prints of all the artwork featured on Spot The Tiger

Thank you to all involved and to the many who took a moment to cast a vote or get in touch

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Guest Creative

Richard Sanderson

We love this artists drawings – theyre charming and thoughtful – such free and easy draftsmanship mixing wonderfully scattered compositions with subdued tones – great storyteller

Ladies and gentlemen.. our very last guest creative.. Richard Sanderson

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stt_n_070610bfBetterfly connects individual teachers – tutors and coaches with individuals looking to better themselves
(currently just available only to U.S. users)

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Guest Creative

Owen Gildersleeve

This artist must have the patience of a saint – the hand of a surgeon and the eye of a hawk to produce the inspiring work he does – such levels of craftsmanship and attention to detail are rare indeed – his strength of original concepts and his understanding of texture and form allow him make some mighty fine (detailed/special) work

Ladies and gentlemen.. Owen Gildersleeve

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Big Ideas

Life Box

Heres a fantastic idea – infuse spores and seeds together inside packaging material –
this packaging material can then be torn up and planted – genius!

Ladies and gentlemen.. Life Box

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Guest Creative

Scotty Reifsnyder

just love this fellas delicious choice of colour combinations – his clever and witty storytelling and his fantastic talent for creating brilliant characters

Ladies and gentlemen.. Scotty Reifsnyder

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Guest Creative

Anton Weflö

Its Monday and the sun is shining – what we need is someone with a colourful sense of fun and a playful imagination

Ladies and gentlemen.. Anton Weflö

You can read our Q&A with Anton here

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